The curated NFTs & prints collection by Pierre T. Lambert.

"The art behind a photograph is not only the photo itself but also the adventure embarked on to create it."

Why am I creating this project? 

Collecting is a way to connect deeper to the art and bring a piece of the journey into our own world. Through YouTube I get to share the whole process with you but so far no one could get involved in it. Times have changed.

I want to involve you, the viewer, beyond just watching passively, become part of the adventure and collect the ultimate step of the creation process from adventures around the world.

Embark you on a journey from the moment an idea appears to the moment it is being expressed through an image. Some ideas will be vocalized throughout the adventures and others will be quiet, expressing slowly themselves as life unfolds.

Each photograph I take and share means something to me: those images are a way for me to express what is deep inside of me, a way for me to share with you my vision of this world, how it feels to be in a place, an emotion or a thought.

Photography is the expression of life through me. I don’t control it as much as one would like to think. The ideas come - we might think they are my own but in reality they just come suddenly, almost out of nowhere, or everywhere? I am a vehicle to express these ideas and bring them to your visual reality. 


"The Journey = The Destination" is a living collection of my best art captured on the field and documented on video. 

Each series of this collection holds a limited number of unique (1/1) NFTs and are associated with documentary series released on YouTube in which I share the adventures of creating the art. 

The first series of this collection represents the work created in The Marquesas: a group of 12 volcanic islands in French Polynesia sitting in the middle of the Pacific ocean. These islands feel like a lost Jurassic Park and inspired Melville to write Moby Dick after he ran away fearing he would get eaten by a local tribe...

You can watch the video series following the journey embarked on to create those pieces here on YouTube.

The Lost In The Marquesas Series is made of 6 unique (1/1) NFTs. Each NFT gives access to a print (Either a 30″ x 20″ acrylic or a 45″ x 30" Hahnemühle Fine Art Print).

One can collect the 1/1 NFTs and NFTs give access to prints.

How to get involved

During the broadcast of the YouTube videos, you will see a “NFT UNLOCKED” visual to give a queue as to which photo is now collectible.

To collect an NFT piece, head over to my Foundation profile. Once an auction has begun people have 24 hours to bid on the NFT.

Each collector of the NFT will unlock a print with the NFT (see details above).